Hey there,


Anyone have any tips/posts/knowledge on diabetes?

My 2 year old daughter is diabetic and I am looking on anything that can ensure I make her live life to the fullest.

She is currently on a Accucheck Spirit pump…have done some research and found the following article:

Dr De Wit has recently imported Insulin Pumps from Disetronic in Switzerland and held the first course of training on these pumps with three teenagers at Olivedale Clinic in August this year. The teenagers were enormously excited about the freedom, the pump will afford them.

Live a rich life accompanied by an insulin pump.

The facts are that

  • Modern Insulin pumps are reliable. They are ideal to use in insulin analogs.
  • There is currently no better delivery system for insulin administration
  • Pumps are the best way to avoid hypoglycemia
  • Patients on pumps enjoy a better life style and freedom from strict routines
  • It is more affordable than you think

For more information call Estelle on 011 462 5622

Upon further investigation on this pump, reports mention that is is outdated and is being replaced the by the accucheck pump, which does not make much sense as

the H-Tron actually detects sugar levels and warns when the reading is either below or above the norm.


I have also found the following article, and am keen on getting my hands on more information relating to this pump.


Question: Is this ump supported in South Africa, and by the CDE?

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