Was in a bit of spot…wife was in a bad way with Kidney Stones. After doing a little research on the internet, I cam across www.homewuresthatwork.com. Since then I have not looked back. She is on the path to receovery, although this would have worked faster had she read the entire document and followed the cure to the T. Passed a few kidney stones, but she was not in the clear as yet. Trying another cure that did not require as much (effort is not the correct word, but what the heck) time, and she has been passing kidney stones as well. Just a few more treatments, and she should be back to normal.
Now, there are a few other treatments that I have downloaded that I still want to try….my duaghter is diabetic (2 years old, diagnosed at 9 months). For those in the know, you know how your life has changed…for those that have no idea, trust me, just be grateful you and yours are healthy. I am going to be doing as much research there is on diabetes, and ways to improve my baby’s lifestyle.
Well, till the next one…chat later
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