Talking about YAMJ Installer released



YAMJ Installer released

YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) has been the community’s favourite Movie Jukebox software running on your PC to organise media files and information for your media player. Since AC Ryan started working with the YAMJ developers to officially bring YAMJ to Playon! users, the response has been great. Many betas further, it’s almost time for an official Playon! firmware capable of supporting YAMJ.

To improve the entire YAMJ experience, we have created a YAMJ Installer so you can install YAMJ in a easy one step process (rather than downloading and installing different parts separately like before).

The YAMJ Installer is available for download on>Support.

Naturally, you are welcome to also pop into the community to talk and share with fellow Playon! users and YAMJ users. There’s a YAMJ sub-board in the community development board dedicated to YAMJ… enjoy, and YAMJ-on!

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