FW: Go Outside now and have a look at the sun




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Ryder Cup Opening Function PRESSURE




Mustn’t look at her ass, mustn’t look at her ass, mustn’t look at her ass…….

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Intercom Update: Advertisements for the Internships and Learnerships


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FW: Die mooiste Tshirts vi die bulle!!!!!!


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Talking about YAMJ Installer released



YAMJ Installer released

YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) has been the community’s favourite Movie Jukebox software running on your PC to organise media files and information for your media player. Since AC Ryan started working with the YAMJ developers to officially bring YAMJ to Playon! users, the response has been great. Many betas further, it’s almost time for an official Playon! firmware capable of supporting YAMJ.

To improve the entire YAMJ experience, we have created a YAMJ Installer so you can install YAMJ in a easy one step process (rather than downloading and installing different parts separately like before).

The YAMJ Installer is available for download on PlayonHD.com>Support.

Naturally, you are welcome to also pop into the ACRyan.com/Forums community to talk and share with fellow Playon! users and YAMJ users. There’s a YAMJ sub-board in the community development board dedicated to YAMJ… enjoy, and YAMJ-on!

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Talking about That new plus (HD Audio enabled) version of Realtek processor



That new plus (HD Audio enabled) version of Realtek processor

Rumours have been rife on the media player grapevine for a while about the “plus” version of Realtek processors (1073 and 1283). Some forums have been referring to it as ‘plus’, some as ‘DD+’. We have heard our users via email, phone and community forums, asking about this HD Audio enabled processor.

The actual processor name is 1073DD C+ and 1283C+. AC Ryan has been shipping Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini equipped with this new processor since April 2010. Yes, since April. We are one of the first (if not THE first) to ship with this processor as soon as it was available. We have not made any announcement about this new version of the processor because the firmware SDK (Software Development Kit) from Realtek to support the new “HD Audio enabled” feature has not been ready… until recently. Without that firmware, the new HD Audio features are not enabled. During this transition period, HD Audio is officially not supported.

Now, our HD Audio enabled firmware for Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini is almost ready. Yes, you can expect a release shortly. Watch out for it. We will be announcing support of HD Audio officially only after that new firmware is released.

What does this mean? It means if you’ve purchased your Playon!HD and/or Playon!HD Mini recently, you will be able to enable extra 7.1 HD Audio after updating with the coming HD Audio enabled firmware update. In addition to the currently already supported FLAC 7.1 and AAC 7.1, which specific HD Audio will be additionally supported?… more details when the new firmware is released..

NOTE: You need to update your Playon!HD / Playon!HD Mini with the latest Beta firmware (Official firmware to be released soon). Only in the latest Beta firmware can indicate the new DD C+ in the setup system information. Previous firmware will indicate DD even when your Playon!HD is a DD C+.

For the future potential owners of Playon!, we have also now started re-labelling the Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini with new product codes ACR-PV73100P+ and ACR-PV73200P+ respectively. However, we want to emphasise that with or without this new product code, all Playon!HD & Playon!HD Mini PURCHASED from July onwards is guaranteed of this new processor.

The new Playon!DVRHD (ACR-PV76120) digital video recorder + media player, expected to ship from end of July, will also ship with the new HD Audio enabled version 1283C+ processor from day one.

Should you have any doubts or questions, check with us – on AC Ryan Community Forums www.acryan.com/forums. Naturally you are also welcome to email us rotterdam@acryan.com or call one of our offices in Netherlands, Czech and Singapore.

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Only in SA….







 Click here to try WinSMS for free



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